The Warrior

The power of the warrior mind is its ability to act from a state of "No Mind", with technique arising effortlessly out of emptiness. As a mirror reflects objects without clinging to the images, the "Warrior Mind" is free to flow from one object to the next without impediment.


Who is Dark Dragon Kenpo™?

We at Dark Dragon Kenpo™ Karate believe in the rapid response and quick disposal philosophy of Kenpo to include making the techniques familiar to the practitioner. Repetition is what allows the methods and movement to be implanted and available from the practitioner’s short term memory. Having the information in one’s short term memory is the key to having the technique work when it is needed. Familiarity is also a key to rapid learning, to rapid retention and to rapid response. Familiarity is developed thru the teaching of techniques that have similarities and build on and with basics and movements already practiced and learned.

Instructor Tim Allen, 8th Degree Black Belt, Dark Dragon Kenpo™
Assistant Instructor
Raul Sinclair

4rd Degree Black Belt
Assistant Instructor
Chris Colbert

3rd Degree Black Belt
Assistant Instructor
Jim Jewel

1st Degree Black Belt
Honorable Black Belts
Brad Silverman 1st Degree Black Belt

Scott Mosely 1st Degree Black Belt

Kelly Kenney 1st Degree Black Belt

Rocky Ratcliff 1st Degree Black Belt

Vince Freeman 1st Degree Black Belt

Steven Trevino 2nd Degree Black Belt

In Mememorium – RIP
Paul Livelli 5th Degree Black Belt

Psychologists will advise that humans have certain basic needs that must be met. Safety/security is one of those needs in the hierarchy of needs. Thus to fulfill, that as well as the need to have the information immediately available coupled with a lack of confusion, Dark Dragon Kenpo™ endeavors to teach techniques only and techniques that get the job done, quickly, efficiently with the least amount of confusion from which to draw the response. We teach the why’s so that the what if’s are answered. It is our belief that some techniques in Kenpo take too long to develop and can create confusion when a defender needs the technique the most. Thus we draw our techniques primarily from the Ed Parker American Kenpo system, from other strains of Kenpo as well as techniques unique to Dark Dragon Kenpo™.

The real world is where our techniques are derived and from real world experience. The founder of Dark Dragon Kenpo™ has 26 years of Law Enforcement experience in Florida from which to draw his opinions on what is taught in this version of Kenpo. If katas or forms are not important tools to you, if learning techniques that will work quickly and if having a limited amount of techniques that you can defend with and not have so many techniques that they fight you (as Mr. Parker expressed) then this is the style for you. The same techniques taught in our class will be in our distance learning/home study. Welcome to Dark Dragon Kenpo™.


Women’s Groups, contact us for basic self defense and awareness seminars and classes.

We are still offering free classes to airline flight crew employees (with proof of employment and actually working on in air flights, e.g., pilots, co-pilots, attendants, including FEDEX, USPS or UPS pilots and crews) as our part in the homeland security efforts. Just show up for our class with proof of employment anytime you are in the Tampa, Florida area. We would love to have you!!!!!!!