About Us

The Dragon in Oriental philosophy has meant strength, courage and the ability to think before it reacts. In European history, the Dragon has had those attributes and also been seen as a Guardian which is what we refer to Dark Dragon Kenpo™ as.....Guardian Karate.

About Us

Why the name, Dark Dragon?

We use that name to symbolize the art and knowledge that we know and have access to, but is hidden to all, only to be used when when no other alternative is available. Thus it is kept in the dark, hidden, not to be used until physical confrontation is unavoidable.

Dark Dragon Kenpo™ was founded in 1996 by Tim Allen, 8th Degree Black Belt. We are one of the premier teachers of American and Dragon Kenpo Karate in the Tampa Bay area. We will teach you the modern day art of street self-defense.

Dark Dragon Kenpo™ offers self defense instruction in Tampa, Florida; Kenpo home study, self defense distance learning andkarate distance learning. Dark Dragon Kenpo™ meets every Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. at First Baptist Church of Lutz 18116 U.S. 41 Lutz, FL 33549-4499. Classes range in duration from two to two and a half hours. Great for both men and women. We are also a self defense school that welcomes parent(s) with their child (children age 12 and above) to learn together. Come in and take a free class to determine if this is the course you want, with no obligation. No contracts!!!!!! No test fees!!!!!!!!!

All class practice is done in shoes. Each enrolled student is given a t-shirt to train in. You are not going to be attacked by someone in a karate gi (uniform), or most likely not while barefooted, thus we practice as though it is REAL. That’s why we practice in a variety of settings and circumstances.

Personalized training is also available in half hour or one hour time slots. Depending on the desired time slots, the lessons would be held either at  <em>First Baptist Church of Lutz 18116 U.S. 41 Lutz, FL 33549-4499</em> or at the individual’s residence.

We also offer Kenpo videos; Kenpo jewelry; karate jewelry; martial arts jewelry, karate rings, martial arts rings; rings include: Kenpo rings, Tae Kwon Do rings, Samurai rings, Kung Fu rings, Jeet Kune Do rings, Tang Soo Do rings, Tai Chi rings, Praying Mantis rings and custom made rings, Chinese letter in gold for the word “Dragon”, Kenpo books and more.

Women’s Groups, contact us for basic self defense and awareness seminars and classes.

We are still offering free classes to airline flight crew employees (with proof of employment and actually working on in air flights, e.g., pilots, co-pilots, attendants, including FEDEX, USPS or UPS pilots and crews) as our part in the homeland security efforts. Just show up for our class with proof of employment anytime you are in the Tampa, Florida area. We would love to have you!!!!!!!