Kenpo....the original Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) that was designed and instituted by the late, great Mr. Edmund Parker. A true genius, he developed a system, street oriented, self defense oriented that included all facets of self defense, from the physical, to the environmental, to the psychological.


Ed Parker integrated various facets of self defense: punches, blocks, kicks, grappling, etc. into one cohesive art, called it Kenpo and did it back in the 1950′s, allowing it to grow and change as needed in each decade’s or societal needs. With all of the recent hoopla on MMA and the “sudden” recognition of the need to learn street tactics and street awareness, Mr. Parker’s Kenpo has been doing just that for 50 years!!!!!!

The Dark Dragon Kenpo™ system is a back-to-basics, streamlined, lean and mean version of the traditional techniques of Kenpo Karate, drawing techniques from a variety of strains of Kenpo, including but not limited to American Kenpo, Dragon Kenpo and others.

Dark Dragon Kenpo™ does not teach any katas (forms) but rather concentrates on self defense techniques, taught and practiced in real life type situations and scenarios. Dark Dragon Kenpo™ empowers the student to learn the system for the real reason the student begins martial arts training: to be able to defend themselves. We teach men and women and encourage parents with pre-teen or teens to come and train together.

Women’s Groups, contact us for basic self defense and awareness seminars and classes.

We are still offering free classes to airline flight crew employees (with proof of employment and actually working on in air flights, e.g., pilots, co-pilots, attendants, including FEDEX, USPS or UPS pilots and crews) as our part in the homeland security efforts. Just show up for our class with proof of employment anytime you are in the Tampa, Florida area. We would love to have you!!!!!!!